Match Game

It's time to laugh your blanking head off, as Match Game returns to its roots on HKC Radio. Join Nick Giannak of the Digital Domain and friends on Saturday September 4 (Labor Day Weekend) at 1 PM EDT for hours of fun. One contestant will walk away with their choice of five great tech prizes!

What is Match Game?

Match Game is a rather simple game involving senses of humor and fill in the blank type questions. Each contestant is asked a question with a blank to fill. The contestant thinks of an answer that might match what the panelists might say. For example, “the baby ate the fish blank.” The panelists write their answers. Once finished, Nick calls on each person, one at a time, to reveal their answers, starting with the contestant. In this example, if the contestant said “fish tank”, he or she would match with the panelists who said “fish tank”, but not the panelists who said “fish tale” or any other answer. At the end of the game, the contestant with the most matches wins. If the game is tied, as many rounds of super-match are played as needed, in which questions are asked as completions of a shorter phrase rather than a longform sentence. E.G. “Long Island blank.” Super-Match style questions are also used if a contestant's answer and a panelist's answer are ambiguous and a match cannot be determined. When this happens, it's called match-off.

What are the available prizes?

Sonos Roam Portable Waterproof Smart Speaker
If you've ever heard Sonos before, you know how good this is. Even if you haven't, it's a battery powered WiFi speaker with your choice of Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Sounds great for its size, too.
Zoom H1N Handy Digital Audio Recorder
Are you a filmmaker recording stereo audio for a video? Perhaps you're a podcaster doing interviews wherever you go. Maybe you just like to record family gatherings in high quality audio. The Zoom H1N does it all and sounds great, too.
Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet
Need a new tablet as a gift for your partner or child, or perhaps for yourself? Pick this prize. Just remember to tell them what you went through to get it! (Child-specific version available upon request)
AKG K371 Studio Headphones
If you want to wear what many of us wear, pick these up. Nick, Chris, Tammy, and several of our listeners swear by them. What more can we say?
Apple AirPods
For convenience, they are the standard everyone else measures against...And they sound good, too.




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